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Insights of our customers

Das Glückskind

Many thanks to Julia and Christian from Babyblog „Das Glückskind“ who report on their nice youtube channel on their experiences with their Hesba Corrado after the first 6 months. They explain their decision-making reasons for a Hesba combination pram and take a look at the special advantages which, from their point of view, performed well in everyday life with their lucky child Johan. This video gives you a good impression and experience of real Hesba users (the video is only available in german language).

customer testimonies

This is what our customers say about us


Dear team of HESBA, meanwhile our Martha is already 12 days old and has made one or two trips in her Corrado. I remember reading in the brochure that you would be pleased to receive a photo of us, which we would like to submit in this way. We are really full of praise for this beautiful stroller. Greatly processed, he is great looking, looks very chic and we especially like to praise the suspension that every cobblestone pavement is put away. Thank you very much!


This is what happy Hesba drivers look like...

Anna-Lena S.

We're so in love with our baby carriage. thank you 👍

Konstantin L.

Built entirely according to our wishes for our daughter, the car drives gently rocking over any ground.

Ewa L.

Autumn in Regensburg 🍁🍄 Rosina's first drive

André H.

The stroller is designed in a classic design and is very easy to drive and handle. The suspension is very soft so the baby doesn´t recognize any bumped. The accessories such as rain hood, parasols etc. are suitable for all seasons. Especially now in the wintertime everything is nice and warm and soft and our little girl sleeps like a marmot when we go for a walk.

Franziska M.

The stroller is really great! We go for walks a lot and it makes really good mood when our child lies safe in the pram. The suspension of the several forest walks convinces us again and again. Unfortunately, we have not yet found out how to correctly attach the parasol to the pram. The workmanship of the fabrics is beautiful. We can only recommend the car, even as parents we were lying in a HESBA pram.

Alwina D.

Hello dear Hesba-Team! Already before buying a Hesba pram, I heard only positive things from a friend, this has influenced my decision naturally strongly, which I do not regret in retrospect! I am more than thrilled. Quality for which you don't have to pay a fortune: -)

Anja 28, NRW

We love our Hesba since the first minute, no matter if it's a walk in the woods or a shopping tour, we are always on the road


I'm more than happy with the pram. The great suspension makes every pothole and every stone disappear. The assembly and disassembly of the stroller is easy and very fast. The tub offers enough space for my son and yet it gives a feeling of security. And thanks to the extensive choice of socks, the Condor Coupe looks exactly as I imagined it to look. With this pram it is like with a chic oldtimer. It always stands out for its elegance and classic design 😊😍❤️

Nina S.

Ava loves her HESBA

Roberta N.

Hello dear Hesba-Team, how nice to see that Hesba is now also on Fb and Instagram (at least I have just discovered it). I just want to pay you a compliment... We have four children and two Hesba prams. On the street you often hear comments like,"Oh, the stroller is beautiful." Or elegant, timeless, stylish.... As I was pushed in a great pram as a child and had a chic doll's pram with spoke wheels, there was nothing else for me to do. The Corrado Lady was for the two girls and the Condor Coupé for the boys. I am thrilled and the driving comfort is unique. And when I look at the new models now, I get a desire for another baby and a new Hesba. I think that this dream is still being realized.

Jenny A.

We love our pram and our little treasure too. It has a super suspension and is great workmanship. What we don't like so much is the awning we find it a bit short the legs are unfortunately not protected from the sun. But all in all a great car.

Auriella H.

A dream come true! I've always wanted a pram like this for my first child. It reminds me of the stroller my family took me with them everywhere. Thanks to my grandfather, this wish has now come true. Can´t wait that our Baby will come and we can do our first stroll. ; -)

Anke W.

In search of a stroller for our son, my partner and I were able to agree on this classic model that stands out from the sea of other strollers. Apart from the great design, we are also enthusiastic about the quality and the possibility of being able to individually select many details on the pram. The carrycot has already done us good service, while picknicking on the way and visiting grandma and grandpa our little one (still) likes to sleep in it for a long time.

Florian T.

Beautiful practical pram in a class of its own! Our child feels comfortable during the daily trips! The only shortcoming - the maintenance effort in winter - we are outside in any weather and this year with the snowy winter the maintenance sometimes remained too short and there are already a few rust stains - the rust film can be easily removed with the maintenance cream, but the screws rust - I would have to replace them. Otherwise a nice car!

Eva K.

Hello dear Hesba - Team, we also wanted to thank you again for this incredible, beautiful and so practical pram. Rarely have I pushed a stroller that pushes the baby into sleep as nicely as the Hesba. And on top of that, there is a wonderful place for shopping. Great design and a real eye-catcher. Our two sons love him very much. We can only recommend him! Thank you very much. Best regards

Janine H.

Thank you so much. We are very enthusiastic about the stroller. We were told that it will take about 8 weeks to pick up the baby carriage. We've only been waiting three weeks. This pram deserves 5 stars.


The stroller is a dream, it runs on its own

Sabrina K.

Our Hesba Condor Coupé stroller was the best purchase decision we could make. Our little Sophie sleeps like an angel in this pram and calms down in no time with the pleasant suspension while driving! The conversion of the car is really child's play and even for transport in a small golf trunk it is folded up and not too big with the removable tires! The timeless retro design is always an eye-catcher! Thank you very much!

Sophia A.

On the way in Bremerhaven with our Hesba, it is perfect for all weather conditions!

Christian M.

because the pram is so beautiful ☺️ Thank you!!

Sabine T.

Every Hesba pushchair is a small work of art - unique pieces Made in Germany.

Mareen H.

Our pram is ideal for long walks in parks and over cobblestones. This is something we often find in Münster. The good suspension makes this much easier. Stylish, very pleasant driving behaviour, easy to stow away. We are very satisfied and our son seems to like the pram. He sleeps very well in it.

Katharina R.

I am very satisfied with the Hesba pram. Our little one loves sleeping, playing and sitting in the car. Right from the start. The suspension is ingenious and no matter which way you walk, the car is comfortable for every child.


I immediately fell in love with the Hesba pram when I was looking for a classic pram. The pram convinces by its quality, material, workmanship, comfort and accessories and is a real eye-catcher. P.S.: The photo was taken during my first trip to the Christkindlmarkt 14 days after my birth and thanks to my lambskin footmuff I was perfectly packed :-)