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A class of its own

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I care for the leather?

We recommend Keralux Leather Care and Cleaning for regular leather care. Link to Keralux.
Leather Care from Keralux

How to maintain my chrome frame?
  • Always keep it dry.

  • Clean it with a soft cloth.

  • Treat the chrome with a cleaning agent suitable for chrome e.g. Sidol.

  • Remove salt residues from the chrome, salt damages the chrome plating heavily. Please keep this in mind in winter, when road salt is used as well as in summer at the seaside.

  • If visible „flash rust“ occurs, it has to be removed with a cleaning agent suitable for chrome.

  • The moveable plastic parts should be treated regularly with a silicone-free spray.

Please note: We only use high-quality materials. Nevertheless we recommend a regular maintenance so that you will enjoy your HESBA pram for a long time.

Do parasols offer UV protection?

Only tightly woven outer fabrics offer UV protection. As a basic principle your baby should always be protected with an additional sun protection. Our inner fabrics offer no UV protection.

Is it possible to change the wheel size of the chassis?

No, for depending on the size of the wheel the brakes of the particular chassis also vary. For the 250- wheels our standard brake is used, for the 300-wheels or for wheels of different sizes we use the U-brake. Once you have opted for a wheel size, only the wheel type can be changed, but not the wheel size.

How to maintain the wheels?

Tubeless wheels must be treated regularly with a silicone-free spray at the socket.

The air pressure of the pneumatic tyres must be checked and the socket must also be treated with a silicone-free spray. The inner tube can be changed, if necessary and is available as spare part. When changing the inner tube please always check whether spiky thorns or stones in the tubular coating were the reason for the faulty inner tube and remove them.

The socket of EVA wheels must be greased regularly.

As a rule for all wheels the chrome must be treated:

  • If the chrome gets wet, dry it and treat it regularly with a cleaning agent suitable for chrome e.g. Sidol. Please make sure, particularly in winter, to remove road salt. When using the pram at the seaside, please keep in mind to remove the sea salt residues from the chrome.

On principle, please act carefully at kerbstones or stairs and don’t let the pram sag too strongly. As there is a multiple of weight on the push handle, the braking axle and the wheels, a break of the braking axle and also of the spokes may occur.

Are the wheels balanced?

Unfortunately pram wheels cannot be balanced like the tyres of a car. Therefore they can show a slight radial run-out (“they wobble”, i.e. they become misaligned). In this regard we cannot provide any warranty.

Can the wheels leave marks?

Yes, please do not park prams with black pneumatic tyres on pale floor coverings for a longer period of time. Use a floor protection when you leave the pram in the flat.

Which parts can be washed?
  • The seat and the coating of the snap-in safety bracket can be removed and can be washed in the washing machine (with mild detergent) selecting the delicate cycle. Exception: Leather and partial leather variations which can’t be washed!
  • When the carrycot was ordered with a washable lining (“wash”), you can remove this lining and wash it in the washing machine.
  • Summer foot muff, winter foot muff Thermo, winter foot muff cotton wool fur, summer mattress, bedding, baby changing bags without leather and mattresses can be washed at 30° in the washing machine.
  • Lamb fur foot- and handmuff:
    The white lamb fur footmuff/ handmuff (colour of fur: white / light creme) has to be cleaned dry. Dry cleaning sign:Schonende Reinigung
    The natural lamb fur footmuff / handmuff (colour: natural/yellowish wool) can be washed in the washing machine in the wool cycle. To prevent the skin from hardening during drying, it must be dried several times in the dryer, up to 10 times at the lowest temperature for wool. Please do not mix up the lamb fur colour!
    We recommendSchonende Reinigung dry cleaning.
  • The cover can‘t be washed. Being open it can be washed off with a soap solution (not hotter than 30° Celsius) and must remain open during the drying process to avoid water spots.
How can I have my pram repaired?

Please contact your specialist dealer. Some specialist dealers have their own repair shop and can carry out smaller repair works. If this is not possible, the pram must be sent in and you have to make a request for a quotation.

Which parts of the pram can be repaired?
  • Frame components can be renewed.
  • It is possible to rework the inner fabric of the cover types Condor Coupé and Corrado.
  • For the carrycot „wash“ a new inner lining can be bought separately.
  • Wheels can be renewed. The inner tube of the pneumatic tyre can be replaced.
Can I carry out repairs myself?

No, as most parts of the frame must be riveted mechanically.

Where can I buy a HESBA pram?

On our homepage via the dealer locator you can find the closest specialist dealer.

Which delivery times should be expected?

As your HESBA pram is manufactured for you individually, the production time is about 4 weeks after placing the order.

Durch die aktuellen Coronaeinschränkungen müssen Sie von 6-8 Wochen ausgehen.

Do you have an outlet?

No, the prams are only sold via specialist trade partners.

What’s the maximum load of the pram?

The pram can carry a weight of 15kg. As the basket at the bottom is very large and sturdy, the pram is often used for shopping. Please make sure not to overload the pram. The weight in the basket should not exceed 5kg.

Where can I park my pram best?

Dry places such as flats or corridors are ideal. Damp cellar rooms, garages or carports are less advisable, as flash rust may occur easily there.

What is the difference between the models?

The models only differ in the different covers. Important note for all Corrado enthusiasts: the pushchair Corrado is facing forwards and can’t be folded, as the push handle can’t be moved over the clamps. I.e. in this position the pushchair attachment must always be removed before folding it. If you don’t want to do this, you should opt for another model.

Which fabrics can’t be used for the model Corrado and for the parasols?

For technical reasons our smooth techno fabrics can’t be used for our model Corrado and for the parasols, as these fabrics can’t be stretched sufficiently. This applies to the fabrics 566 navy blue, 577 royal blue, 860 brown, 960 black and 460 plum-coloured. In this case please choose an alternative fabric.

What should I pay particular attention to for model Corrado?

1. The model Corrado only folds completely with pram attachment when the canopy is not pointed towards the push handle side since the push handle cannot be pushed past the clamping brackets of the canopy. Always fold the push handle down when folding the pram.

2. When using the Corrado as a pushchair, the canopy has to be moved backwards by at least 3 cm, as otherwise the backrest cannot be positioned upwards. For this open the side star-grip nuts and move the canopy backwards on each side evenly. Secure the nuts by retightening them.

3. For folding the canopy both clamping brackets have to be pressed evenly. For this only move or pull the canopy backwards with the front bracket. Attention: When pressing the rear interior brackets the canopy may shift.

Which buggy board fits the classic Hesba chassis with fixed wheels?

Buggyboard maxi from Lascal.

How do I place the attachment on the frame?

Care instructions


Care instructions:

Care instructions
The mattress cover, the lining “wash" of the carrycot (or solid tub for model ClassicA), bedding, seat (without leather), belt cushion and the fabric of the safety bracket can be removed and washed at 30°C in the washing machine using a mild detergent. Do not spin. Not suitable for tumble dryers. Velcro straps must be closed.
Outer fabrics: Dust and small amounts of dirt can be removed with a soft cloth or a soft brush. Larger stains or amounts of dirt can be removed with a soap solution up to 30°C and a soft cloth. The damply canopy should be clamped for drying, after cleaning.
Care instruction for wheels: See fabrics; a soft brush can be used for wheels. The tyre pressure must be checked regularly but must not exceed 30 PSI / 2.0 bar. To get a permanent comfort the pneumatic tyres and the wheels without tyre tube should be treated with a silicon-free spray on the axle. EVA wheels should be treated with grease.
Care instructions:Leather: For regular leather care we recommend Keralux Leather Care and Cleaning. Leather Care from Keralux

Care instructions for chrome-plated parts:

To clean the frame a soft cloth should be used. Only the chrome-plated parts and the parts with bright zinc coating should be treated (to maintain and to protect properly the gloss level and the surface) with a commercially available cleaning or polishing agent (e.g. „SIDOL-Metallpolitur“).
In winter road salt residues particularly on the wheels and the flat oval tube bend including shafts and wire basket must be removed immediately.

From time to time all moveable parts particularly at the rivets should be treated with a silicon-free spray.
The frame was treated with rust protection to provide a proper basic protection. If not maintained properly, „flash rust“ might occur. This also applies to tours on beaches near salt water as the salt content has the same effect. Please remove flash rust on the pram and on the rim immediately with a polishing agent.
The guarantee does not apply in this case.

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